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Dare I Be Your Prophet?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

This weekend, I will be proclaiming the readings at Mass. The first reading, (Isaiah 6:1-8) reminds me of a poem I wrote sixteen years ago when I was recovering from a serious illness.

Does this strike a chord from your life?

Dare I?

Dreams are coming, Lord

but without sleep.

Are they from You?

Or are they from my own small heart?

Dare I tell You?

Like a seed bursting forth in the cool , damp, fertile soil

I long to break through the darkness of my illness-imposed isolation

into the warmth and light of this world.

I have something to announce.

Dare I speak it?

To a people enslaved by life's burdens

Let me reveal Your identity.

Manifestations of Your graces abound.

Your angels minister among us.

Dare I proclaim them?

My spirit is willing

But my body's own constant companion seeks to rob me of strength.

With all my foibles and imperfections,

I humbly say, "Here I am, Lord, send me."

Dare I be Your prophet?

© Margaret A. Blenkush

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