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In Praise of Late Bloomers

This was the last bloom of the season. I found it huddled next to the east side of the house. By this time we had already endured several days and nights of below freezing temperatures and I had already shoveled at least two inches of snow from the sidewalks on two different occasions. Despite the harsh weather, this little bloom welcomed me everytime I approached the back door. Such resiliency! That is why chrysanthemums are my favorite flowers. This particular mum begins blooming in mid-summer but most of the varieties in my yard don't bloom until September. But I assure you, it is worth the wait. Along with the sedum and asters, these chrysanthemums transform my yard into a vibrant palette of color. These blooms are so spectacular that their imprint stays in my imagination and carries me through the long months of winter. My yard is now blanketed in white. It will be April before I see another flower. But until then, I will have this picture to remember. Thank God for late bloomers!

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