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Nick & Nora

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

It was a year ago, January 31, 2021, when 2 little bunnies came to live with us. My nephew Phillip who shares my home ran across a website sponsored by the Companion Rabbit Society of MN. It had pictures and profiles of rabbits who were waiting to find forever homes. Both Phillip and I had rabbits as pets growing up so we decided to adopt. Both of us had to go through some on-line training to learn how to care for rabbits to ensure a happy, healthy environment for them. Then it was time to meet the rabbits.

My rabbits were always albino rabbits, white fur and pink eyes. This time, from the profiles I picked out a different breed. I chose Nora who has a white nose and one white paw. Her fur is a tawny brown with black tips at the end. I think she is quite pretty. She is quite shy but she will let you pick her up and pet her. Petting rabbits, or any animal is a great stress reducer.

Phil chose Nick. From his physical characteristics, he looks like a wild rabbit. Large ears and big paws. He is quite skittish and does not like to be petted. Because his greatest instinct is to find food, he will let me pet him as long as I am holding a carrot he can munch. Their main diet consists of timothy hay. Did you know you can order a bale on-line and it will come to the house in a nice large box?

Nick & Nora were named after the "Thin Man" characters. Great movies! Myrna Loy and William Powell had great chemistry on the screen. We were hoping our Nick & Nora would follow suit. It took a while, but now they are best friends. Besides being great companions, they do serve a purpose. Since their diet is all plant based, their scat makes great fertilizer for our garden and flower beds!

Happy Anniversary Nick &Nora. We are glad you are with us.

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